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Say identical twin males each marry one of identical twin females ..their offpsring look exactly the same ? There will certainly be a similarity between the children. As, each parent has two sets of genes, and gives half of them to the children. Anyway, for two pairs of identical twins marrying each other. Anyway, comparing the cousins, they would closely resemble brothers and sisters. Also...would their DNA still be conclusive as to the parentage ? With Gene Crossover & Recombination, there are essentially infinite combinations of genes that could be passed on to the children.

Most people will know they are having twins from the beginning or at least form week 16 when a routine ultrasound is scheduled in most parts of the western world.

RELATED: Two sets of identical twins marry in India, with twin priests and twin flower girls "I actually hope that my twins have the same special bond my twin sister and I have," Bunker told KSL.

As close as many sets of twins are, it's only natural that twins sometimes end up marrying another set of twins.

You may end up having an ultrasound test earlier if your doctor suspects twins, as it was in my case.

I believe when you do the blood test to confirm your pregnancy and the HCG levels (pregnancy hormones) are too high, it can either indicate a twin pregnancy, or you have been pregnant longer than you anticipated.

In either scenario, from a genealogical (not to mention, legal) point of view, any offspring would technically be considered first cousins, but their DNA would be hard to distinguish from that of full genetic siblings.

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