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Sawant declared a victory in May 2014 after Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced an increase in the minimum wage to , which was the cornerstone of her campaign for City Council, but she is not pleased that large corporations will be allowed a few years to phase in the wage hike.Sawant received no endorsements from sitting Council members but councilor Mike O'Brien expressed support of the idea of third party candidates while explicitly declining to extend an endorsement of Sawant.If you want to use for commercial purposs like printing your 2017 Panchangams please contact us and we'll give you a suitable license.

Sawant grew up in Mumbai where she later studied computer science and graduated with a B. She married her husband Vivek, an engineer at Microsoft, and moved to the United States. She won 35% of the vote in the August primary election, and advanced into the general election for the at-large council position 2 against incumbent Richard Conlin, making her the first socialist to advance to a general election in Seattle since 1991.Councilman Nick Licata also declined to endorse her but spoke positively of her campaign saying, "..has been able to craft a message that is understandable, simple and eschews most of the rhetoric" and when her eventual election victory seemed unlikely, he expressed his hope that Sawant would not "disappear after the election if she loses.She represents the poor, the immigrants, the refugees – the folks who are not in our City Council offices lobbying us." Sawant unsuccessfully called for the expansion of bus and light rail capacity with a millionaire's tax.There are 2nd generation folks here and there, but not as many (in my experience) as 1st generation folks (who are less likely to date outside of their race). Go to any Indian restaurant and just start chatting folks up! The stares that we have got from Indians make us feel very uncomfortable.Folks are pretty friendly.interestingly enough, i would prefer first generation east indian, although i do agree with your assessment that first generation would be less inclined to date outside their race. Our experience with people from East India here, men or women, have been sadly negative. Sawant ran unsuccessfully for the Washington House of Representatives before winning her seat on the Seattle City Council. Ramanujam in Pune, India, in a Hindu middle-class family.

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