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Interviewing a group of committed Republicans in one room and Democrats in the other, Williams asked each the downside they could imagine from dating across party lines.

Neither group seemed open to the prospect.“The downside of dating a Republican is like, on a Friday night, if I wanna go see ‘Selma,’ and they just wanna stay home and watch You Tube videos of Ronald Reagan speeches,” one of the Democrats said.

I've heard "I would never date a Republican" from several friends, and if I'm being honest, I've heard it from me, too. One guy loves Ayn Rand (good start) but then later says he's voting for Bernie (odd). Except this time, I'm looking on both sides of the aisle.

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I'm not talking about some socially conservative anti-abortion, anti-gay rights fundie freak, but a guy who is generally fiscally conservative yet liberal & progressive when it comes to social issues. Maybe, assuming your conditions and that something else had sparked an attraction.

He also tells me that birth control is a sin, that global warming isn't real, and that the only reason there's a pay gap is because women choose lower-paying jobs. I'm listening to NPR when I'm forced to self-examine. And that's how I ended up listening quietly to a string of opinions that made me want to throw my omelet at his face. My second date, with another guy, doesn't go much better. There's a lull, and I realize that I never found out what he studies. He is planning to go to law school, and afterwards he wants to be…a politician. Maybe there would be less bickering and hatred in the U. if people like me stopped judging based only on politics. He texts me a few days later about getting coffee again, but I am out of town. He asks to see me again that night, and we quickly find ourselves capital-T Together. I fell for him because he's passionate about what he does.

The topic on the radio is the growing political divide in America. Maybe we would make progress as a country, or as people. Because we made one another laugh and could talk for hours.

I’ve been on a few dates with a woman I really enjoy spending time with. Let’s try to put additional thought into whether or not this is a deal breaker.

I met her through an online website, but her political preferences were not listed. I was a Political Science major for about a year and a half of college before changing to Theatre.

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