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We’re all men in dresses, this is a party, this is a celebration – don’t lose sight of that.

Fresh from Rosie O'Donnell's family cruise, "American Idol" wannabeen Danny Noriega spent Easter Sunday watching people lip-synch in drag -- and no, he wasn't on the set of a Paula Abdul video! for their weekly Drag Idol contest and posed with one of the fierce hot tranny mess contestants.

Noriega is best known for being a contestant on American Idol, as well as a finalist on Season 6 and a contestant on All-Stars season 2 of Ru Paul's Drag Race, in which she became the first queen to leave the competition voluntarily.

Noriega was born on September 29, 1989 in Glendora, California.

Panama broke away from Spain in 1821 and joined a union of Nueva Granada, Ecuador, and Venezuela named the Republic of Gran Colombia.

When Gran Colombia dissolved in 1831, Panama and Nueva Granada remained joined, eventually becoming the Republic of Colombia. In 1977 an agreement was signed for the total transfer of the Canal from the United States to Panama by the end of the 20th century, which culminated on 31 December 1999.

“American Idol” has been the "it" platform for many singers to break into the business.

With the backing of the United States, Panama seceded from Colombia in 1903, allowing the Panama Canal to be built by the U. Revenue from canal tolls continues to represent a significant portion of Panama's GDP, although commerce, banking, and tourism are major and growing sectors.

In 2015 Panama ranked 60th in the world in terms of the Human Development Index.

Since 2010, Panama remains the second most competitive economy in Latin America, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index.

Covering around 40 percent of its land area, Panama's jungles are home to an abundance of tropical plants and animals – some of them to be found nowhere else on the planet.

“I feel like this time around, given an opportunity life this, especially something I’m so passionate about, is a blessing.” Describing Adore Delano, Noriega said “she’s very, very vulgar, crazy. I take good critique, I have a positive attitude, and I am I’m not delusional,” he said.

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