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If it weren't enough of a treat already, Zaya lets you fuck her in the ass. When you make it back to the room you get to taste her salty pussy. It's so hard when it finally penetrates her pregnant pussy.June Guaraldi graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School, in the center of San Francisco's Sunset District.July-August Guaraldi gets his first commissioned gig, performing at a summer resort in Yosemite.It’s funny, creepy, and vaguely gothic, with coyotes howling in the Hollywood Hills, lizards crawling out of glove compartments, and rumors about a werewolf preying on people in Bel Air. In the words of one editor, as Ellis was later told, “If there’s an audience for a novel about coke-snorting, cock-socking zombies, then by all means let’s publish the damn thing.” It turned out there was a audience for it. “Every one of my books,” he told me, “is an exercise in voice and character, an exploration, through a male narrator who is always the same age I am at the time, of the pain I’m dealing with in my life.” Whether he’s writing about a serial killer who works on Wall Street (), all his books deal with absent fathers, unrequited love, and the pressure to conform.After college, Ellis moved to New York City, bought a small apartment off Union Square, and lived there for most of the next twenty years. Without consulting a diary or datebook, he would say things to me like: “The four worst summers of my life were in ’92, ’01, ’07, and ’08”; “I started working on in May ’09”; “I left New York for good, and with a bad coke hangover, on June 16, 2006.” Ellis is all about Hollywood now.Bates attended Woodrush High School in Hollywood, Birmingham.

September Vince, as a Boy Scout, receives merit badges for safety, personal health and firemanship.

Guaraldi takes formal lessons from jazz pianist, composer and bandleader Leonard Auletti.

Guaraldi meets and begins dating Shirley Moskowitz.

“The form of the novel,” he says, “doesn’t interest me right now.” Ellis lives in a nice two-bedroom apartment near Beverly Hills.

One of the two bedrooms serves as his office, and this is where I interviewed him­—three times in the fall of 2010, three times the following spring, and always (at his request, since he writes in the morning and takes meetings at night) in the afternoon, between one and five.

He cited a dislike for being called Master Bates and chose the name "Rhodes" after the brand of electronic keyboard.

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