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"I felt this incredible sense of power that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did." He practiced magic tricks obsessively, and gave his first magic show at age 12—at a neighbor's birthday party, for a fee of .

While attending East Meadow High School, Angel performed frequently at neighborhood restaurants.

Angel had something special with Be LIEve and he's preserved the best of that as a part of "MINDFREAK Live," then piled on other strengths on top of that which call back to the TV series and some of his own influences.

The most outstanding part of the new show is a homage to the iconic Lance Burton - in which Angel brings to life one of Burton's most memorable acts in his own unique style, while also tipping his hat to another great in the field and proving that he appreciates the talent of others as much as his own.

With "MINDFREAK Live," named after his hugely popular and long-running A&E television series, the answer turns out to be going forward by going back.

"MINDFREAK Live" is a 90-minute retrospective of all things Angel.

And so the show itself unfolds, taking the crowd both through the arc of his life as well as on a creative, often dark journey through his imagination simultaneously.

One of the illusions that was at the end of "Criss Angel Be LIEve" is now in the middle of "Criss Angel MINDFREAK Live" - and that perfectly sums up the new live show from the elite magician, which had its world premiere at Luxor Las Vegas on Thursday.

Criss Angel remains in a class of his own, which means that the person he's primarily competing against is himself. How can he continue to set the standard when he's already gone so far beyond what any other illusionist has to offer?

But, many people say I'm really a student of humanity and psychology.”Criss Angel was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos on December 19, 1967, in East Meadow, New York, into a Greek-American family. D., were raised by their parents, John and Dimitra, in East Meadow, New York.

Angel says that he learned his diligent work ethic from his father, a fitness junkie who owned a successful restaurant and doughnut shop before he passed away from cancer in 1998.

It has no permanent cast or storyline, just a presenting host in the castle-type LA...

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