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My clients want to participate in a proactive process that helps them move towards a life long recovery.They are seeking to be listened to so they can be HEARD and EMPOWERED as well as directed in the most effective treatment/s for them.""My ideal client is one seeking recovery from: unresolved grief about death or any non-death related loss, broken - problematic relationships, incest, abuse, trauma, war,chemical - nicotine - behavioral addictive disorders, shame, low self-esteem and or their affected family members.Featured Article Victory at Verrado residents enjoy the community pool, Verrado Golf Club, shopping and restaurants in downtown Verrado, parks, 21 miles of trails, clubs and community events!Built high in the sky amongst a stunning mountain, the state-of-art Victory Club will offer amenities designed specifically for an active adult lifestyle.

And that was surprising to some, given the increasingly mercurial and justifiably paranoid nature of a print-media industry buffeted by epic downsizing and retrenching. You’re taking over at a fascinating time, given our controversial new president. I’ll try to lead a conversation that’s worth the attention of, and is valuable to, the people of Texas. But Paul, you attempted to follow in your dad and granddad’s political footsteps and ran for state controller, as a Democrat, in 1998. I would go down to the composing department [in the Galleria area building the Houston Chronicle now occupies] when I was a kid.“It’s an important thing we’re doing,” Hobby says, “and we accept the responsibility.” Simple question. Hobby: If you’re trying to map the DNA of this brand, it is the custodian of Texas’ view of itself, writ large. But once that’s over, I don’t expect to have a daily voice in editorial affairs. There’ll be a lot more energy around that, when we’re seen as a creative partner that helps, in a smart way, advertisers to get more lift out of what they’re paying for.If that doesn’t bounce you out of bed in the morning, you’re not paying attention. We wondered if we’d hear, “It’s a magazine that…” or “It’s a brand that…” Hobby: It’s a brand. We obviously have a lot of depth in politics, and it’s three blocks from the Capitol, so there’s no reason to move it. If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have brought a brilliant, much younger person into the fold. But you’re young, and you have no experience in national consumer magazines. ” When I was being considered by the then-CEO, he said, “My concern is just your maturity level.” I said, “Well, I may be the biggest risk, but I may also be the biggest payoff.” The proof will be in the pudding. Hobby: The healthy, mature reaction Tim has had through this whole process has been respect and fear. You mentioned that Texas Monthly should get more in the events game. I don’t think they’re as deep or as smart as they need to be. It’s about an ecosystem that you’re trying to build and enrich, so the people on the other end of it feel closer to you; so they feel they’re getting more value out of being your subscriber, your reader, your attendee.I believe my gift is to be a service to others in those tough times.""I believe that people who are faced with difficulties in life have a beautiful opportunity to flourish in ways that they themselves never knew were possible.FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — Two children who were being preyed upon by their mother's boyfriend are safe after undercover officers serving as decoys lured the man to a motel room, promising to participate in an evening of sex with a 1-year-old.Fulshear Treatment to Transition is a residential treatment and transitional living program that enables young adult women like you to become healthy, strong and influential.

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