Github pages not updating Video chat for cyber


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It built just fine locally, but on Github, it didn't show up. I had to edit (which uses the image), just by changing some white space, in order to get Git Hub Pages to start serving the image.

However, every time I tried it, I struggled to keep the gh-pages branch up to date.

Until I discovered the awesome git checkout gh-pages // go to the gh-pages branch git rebase master // bring gh-pages up to date with master git push origin gh-pages // commit the changes git checkout master // return to the master branch I know this is old news to some of you (I’m a github n00b, struggling with basic stuff, so my advice is probably for other n00bs), but if I had read this a few months ago, it would’ve saved me big hassles, so I’m writing it for the others out there that are like me a few months ago.

If I remember correctly, I solve this by deleting the branch from the server and pushing it again: Thanks for this - it's the only way I could figure out what was wrong.

When I re-created the branch, github then notified me that the problem was that a submodule couldn't be updated, so I removed it as a submodule and committed the files it contained instead.

I tried opening the page in a different browser and it worked.

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