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Nevertheless, the global "understanding" of this conflict — if such a term is appropriate — is mainly based on those images, which have become the material of a highly politicized media discourse, with visual evidence used in selective ways to convey different narratives about the situation.

While many have recently celebrated the advent of "citizen journalism" and rejoiced over the supposed "democratization" of image making and reporting, the easy availability of those images has hardly served to raise a more critical consciousness of why they are made and what they mean.

The 2010IK was the first supernova spotted from within Ireland, but what above all makes the revelation special is that Grennan, of Raheny, north Dublin, is not a professional astronomer. "It's an example of the heights that can be reached by ordinary people," says David Moore, chairman of Astronomy Ireland.

"Astronomy really is unique in being an area where we amateurs can make a contribution." And recently amateurs have been making quite a lot of contributions.

Why are the 20% more worthy of being taken seriously than the 80%?

The Apollo astronauts all landed on the day side of the moon, and all the videos they shot from orbit were over the day side, so the exposure settings were all for daylight. Aim your camcorder at the sky and see how many stars you can film.

produced by Bruce Nash and aired on the Fox Network in March, 2001.For a brief instant, the cameraman and the gunman directly face each other. The camera falls, and with the cameraman's death, image and reality collapse into one.(2) is not an exhibition about the killing of a young man, or about the civil war in Syria. It is an exhibition that acknowledges the presence of a new kind of image in which everything is at stake for the ones who make them.For more than two years, a steady flow of first-hand amateur footage such as this has come out of the increasingly devastating conflict in Syria, giving fragmentary evidence of an unfolding tragedy of enormous proportions.While hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, wounded, displaced, and deprived of their livelihoods, an equal number of video documents has since been uploaded to various online platforms by civilians, activists, and militants alike.A small fraction of them is aired by global satellite channels, although interest in them is currently on the decline. The "biggest thing ever to be discovered in Irish astronomy" was stumbled upon by Dave Grennan during an evening spent sitting in his garden shed.

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