Diddy sienna miller dating


Diddy, father of newborn twins, was spotted dropping off Miller at her NYC hotel this morning after a rumored night of partying together in the city.

Diddy had a trapped rat look when he noticed cameras watching from across the street -- and we're told a bodyguard was sent over to the photographer to try and get him to delete the footage.

“She was straddling him,” a witness at the Soho House party tells Hot Stuff.

Sienna Miller may have quit "cliquey" London in favour of her hometown New York, but it looks like there's a certain something – or rather someone – who played a big factor in her decision.

Cast member Isabelle Huppert and Rachel Brosnahan pose on the red carpet as they leave after the screening of the film 'Louder Than Bomb' (Plus fort que les bombes) in competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes.

It’s been pretty well established that Cameron Diaz has been hooking up with Diddy.

Bennett directed Sienna in the 2014 drama 'Foxcatcher'.

During filming Bennett was dating Ashley Olsen, and Sienna was with Tom Sturridge.

The couple sat side-by-side, chatting and giggling as they watched the match.

At one point in the competitive game, Sienna grabbed her boyfriend's arm and enthusiastically cheered.

Kaiser thinks Diddy is gross, and I understand that opinion definitely, but I see the guy’s appeal.

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