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My life just seems so busy because it is so hard to do things.

LOLPeople just do not realize what ataxia feels like.

How to Win a Man's Heart Six things that matter to men when romantically pursuing a woman.

Trading in Your Fairy Tale Sometimes letting go of expectations of who we'll marry or how we'll meet our future spouse allows us to receive the story God has for us. Three Easy Ways to Ruin a First Date Do one or more of these things, and your date will want to run home in no time.

If you haven’t considered how your appearance might affect your success in critical …

Read More → Thirty years fighting the human trafficking scourge enabled Dottie Groover-Skipper, statewide coordinator of Anti-Human Trafficking for the Salvation Army of Florida, to speak passionately and knowledgeably to our Zonta Club in July.

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The truth is, unless you have game, have joined “bad gang” or have a mentor or sister, you probably had no one to teach you how to chat up women. Study each woman carefully to see what she likes and can relate to. You should never reveal intimate details about yourself to strangers or propose love to them. Before you talk to a lady, find out what she’s interested in and Google the topical issues of the day. Don’t give generalised compliments like, “Baby, you look beautiful.” She’s heard it before. If you go out in a group and buy a bottle of alcohol, don’t insist the lady you’re with has to drink from it.

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