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Could you tell us how an archaeologist approaches the period of sub-Roman Britain differently from a historian? Ken Dark (KD): The key difference between archaeology and history is that an archaeologist attempts to reconstruct the past using its material remains, whereas a historian uses texts for this purpose.

This being said, most archaeologists examining the Roman or later periods in Britain, or elsewhere in Europe, make use of historical studies and some, such as myself, have been formally trained in both archaeology and history.

After taking his Ph D at the University of Cambridge, Ken Dark has taught at Cambridge, Oxford and Reading Universities, and currently holds a lectureship at the University of Reading.

He is Chair of the Late Antiquity Research Group, holds honorary professorships from European and American universities, and is the author of numerous publications, including Britain and the End of the Roman Empire, Civitas to Kingdom, Theoretical Archaeology and The Landscape of Roman Britain.

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Unsurprisingly, Jeff does not take the request well, and Ali is soon forced to use her remaining senses to fight for her life.

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It is soon apparent, however, that Jeff is becoming increasingly possessive and jealous of Ali, and his obsession rapidly turns violent when Ali decides she needs less of his assistance because she is ready to resume living independently.Both King Arthur and Merlin are associated with these two centuries, Arthur as a warleader battling the Saxon invaders and Merlin as a British bard with prophetic gifts. Alcock 1971; Morris 1973; Ashe 1985) and Merlin (Tolstoy 1985) have increased popular interest in the period, but have convinced few historians (Dumville 1977).Indeed, the limitations of both the historical and archaeological evidence have made it difficult to discuss any person, place, or event in sub-Roman Britain with confidence, leaving us with cautious and colorless models that admittedly lack the appeal of Arthurian romance (Thomas 1981, 245-53).Gaining their independence from Rome, the sub-Roman Britons created a culture that was a unique hybrid of Roman, native "Celtic," and Christian elements.These first two centuries of the Early Middle Ages also gave birth to medieval kingdoms that would become England, Scotland, and Wales.The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.

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