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READ MORE: • Songbird Anika Moa ties the knot • Witherspoon, Kaling soak up 'magical' NZ The pair spent time together in Northland last year, while they were both involved in the filming of Air New Zealand's latest star-studded safety video.According to Woman's Day's sources, the pair had dinner at Apero on Karangahape Road before heading to new bar The Love Bucket, where they stayed "deep in conversation all night". Before we start talking about “Dating in Japan” one thing should be crystal clear: If you’ve ever been to Japan you might have noticed that there’s a tremendous number of (often not so handsome) foreign guys walking hand-in-hand with Japanese women. However, be warned: If you want to read about bragging stories of all those Western guys who get laid a hundred times per day, then you came to the wrong place. You certainly won’t find that here – and not from a foreign girl like me!You're no outlaw—at least, not anymore—but making your own luck has always meant bending the rules.Your unique brand of daring and ingenuity is needed now more than ever.

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stay home, take care of the kids, always pour new alcohol into his empty glass etc.).But Georgina is now dating a hunting enthusiast - raising eyebrows among animal lovers in New York City.Carlos Arruza Jr, who often posts photos on social media of wild boars, turkeys and deer he's killed on hunting trips, accompanied Georgina to a Humane Society gala in November, where she received an award for her 'tireless work to protect all animals'.She posted photos on Wednesday, writing: 'Happy Birthday to the best man Jasper and I have both ever known.'Georgina, who is a professional equestrian, has a three-year-old son named Jasper with Argentine horseman Ramiro Quintana.Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards.For some reason (maybe through the consumption of too many Hollywood movies) Japanese women think that foreign men are like that!

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