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Binders hold the mix together and can include clay, lime, chalk dust and limestone dust.Aggregates give the mix its bulk and dimensional stability through materials such as earth, sand, crushed chalk and crushed stone.That said, life in Abu Dhabi tends to unravel at a slower pace than in Dubai; and the city is often characterised as being more family-friendly and better suited for those looking to settle down and stay awhile.

Though the majority of those living in Abu Dhabi are foreigners, behaviour in the emirate is nonetheless mandated by the Islamic faith, and it's essential expats familiarise themselves with what to expect and learn to respect traditional Arab culture.Abu Dhabi is stretched out on a T-shaped island which projects on the Persian Gulf.Urbanisation and rapid development in its tourism sector have led to the transformation of this city into the top tourist destination.Abu Dhabi also has the largest population of the seven emirates.In June 2011, it was estimated to be 2,120,700 people, of which, 439,100 people (less than 21%) were Emirati citizens, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the emirate, after which it is named, as well as the capital of the federation.The largest concern expats moving to Abu Dhabi will have is sorting out schooling for their children; while a number of reputable private, international schools exist, shortages are common and admission competitive.

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