College freshmen dating advice


What really matters is finding a girl who can help you see things differently—that’s a window.When our strengths and weaknesses are different, we can strengthen each other in the areas we’re weak in. She should also be passionate about the things you value most: God, academics, helping people, etc. Then you can be the definition of cool, which is making others cool.

After all, some of the most important lessons we learn in college happen far from the confines of a classroom; and the most painful lessons of all tend to creep up on us during our most vulnerable moments.

And some (like me) more than all others…But I’m here to tell you that there’s hope!

Diversity is good – college is the perfect time to make lots of different kinds of friends and learn how to build real relationships. And, be confident in the friendships God is helping you build!

That’s right — we’re talking about all those lessons learned while crying to our best friends with a half-melted carton of ice cream and a broken-down relationship in our wake.

The kind of epiphanies that hit us just as our spoons scrape the bottom of the carton.

This being said I'm not trying to scare you into hiding into your dorm on Saturday nights, but just be safe.

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