Annasophia dating


In 2012, she enrolled herself into Stanford University in Stanford, California.

Robb is also known for her lead role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series .

Former “Carrie Diaries” star Anna Sophia Robb loves dating somebody who’s not in show business like she is.

“Sure, I have a lot of friends in Hollywood, and they are great, but it’s not for me right now,” Robb said at a Fashion Week party celebrating a new partnership between Cotton and Rue La La.

In honor of her work with the "50 States for Good" campaign, we grilled the star with 50 rapid-fire questions! And we had doughnut Friday, and they would bring doughnuts out for the crew and we would literally have a half-hour doughnut break.

Somebody drew a picture of me that was really good, and I didn't know what to do with it — I felt weird.

I can't post that on social media as I have to maintain my public persona of being renegade bad boy.

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